Hiring for Revenue in a Downturn

There has started to be a drop in capital in the start-up and venture capitalist space. People are starting to be more conservative in hiring but what should you be focusing on when it comes to hiring right now and how can you actually use the current downturn to your advantage? Listen in to this solo episode with Ryan to learn three key ways you can hire for revenue in this current downturn.

Look at the top 20% of your employees and spend time talking with them to ensure you are doing everything you can to retain them. You don’t want to lose these people.
If people are leaving, find out why. Focus on getting to the root cause of why they want to leave.
Ask your top performers to bring people in they know that are like them.



“Someone who’s amazing at their job can do the job of three people who are very average”

“People temporarily get blinded by money”

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