Former Sales VP of HubSpot Reveals His Secret to Grow from Zero to $30 Million in 3 Years!

In this episode, Ryan is joined by the founder and CEO of SaaS buying company Vendr. Ryan previously worked in a sales leadership position at HubSpot before creating Vendr, where he successfully grew from Zero to $30 million in just 3 years. He talks to Ryan about how he pivoted from sales to founder and shares his top secrets to scalable success and how you can do it too. 


  • Vendr’s primary strategy for revenue growth is inside direct. They have found that mid-market is their sweet spot and rely heavily on this and an outbound strategy.
  • The creation of Vendr was to help companies buy software efficiently. Through their knowledge, expertise and management they help companies save both time and money as well as aid them in buying the perfect software fit.
  • Ryan always knew he wanted to build and run his own company but up until starting Vendr, he hadn’t had much success.
  • After creation, Ryan quickly realised how scalable his concept for Vendr was, it superseded his expectation of being a lifestyle business and has now raised over $215million in funding.
  • As almost every company in the world becomes familiar with SaaS they also quickly discover the chaos it can sometimes bring, Vendr helps to solve this.
  • Sales are the most important element in Ryan’s success, he believes in ‘selling first’, learning what the problems your customers have and then solving them and selling that solution to them.
  • Don’t build things simply because you think they might be useful or you want to have tech, build things that you know solve a problem.
  • “Let’s make it hard to not buy Vendr” was one of Ryan’s core principles when founding the business. He set out to ensure that the ROI for the customer would be so good and easy for them to understand that they can’t say no to buying their product.
  • Delight your customers, ask them why you are delighting them and then ask them to refer you. Then execute this, doing all the work for the referral. This is the highest closing channel Vendr use.


 “I’ve tried plenty of start-ups in the past, all of them have failed”

“If you can distil your business down to one line, it actually means you’ve drastically simplified your mission”

“A lot of your problems go away if you’re selling”

“Build things because it actually solves a problem”

“Lack of transparencies leads to inefficiencies”

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