Data is the New Oil! Creating Success Through Advanced Analytics, Expertise and Client Relationships with Brian Robertson

Is data the new oil? Should you be friends with your clients? Join Ryan to find out these questions and more as he speaks to CEO and founder of VisiQuate Brian Robertson.

Brian has been leading the use of advanced analytics to disrupt economics and improve how the healthcare industry operates. Listen in to this episode to discover why the data economy is so expansive, what ‘business health’ really means and how Brian has managed to achieve success in this space for over 30 years.

Brian is incredibly proud of what his team achieved during the pandemic especially as they were previously very trade-show centric.
In the healthcare industry in the US, you have to be known to become successful. One of the ways to become known in this competitive industry is to be highly recommended by existing clients, building credibility alongside reputation.
VisiQuate have quite a complex and long sales cycle. They therefore take the time to build relationships with their clients, creating relationship equity and trust. It’s really about the power of relationships in their business.
We live in a data economy now. Data is often referred to as the ‘new oil’, Brian parallels the process of data to the processing of fossil fuels into oil. The stages both have to go through is strikingly similar.
Data is hyper-valuable so it can be difficult to gain trust from clients. Brian’s goal is to be friends with his clients, he wants to be so trusted by his clients that he is on their Christmas card list. If you’re working in enterprise sales, having a strong relationship based on true value and therefore trust, is essential.
A great way to create momentum and buy in with a new client is to involve them in the processes as much as possible. One way Ryan’s team does this is through their systems training, they guide the client through locating their own issues and problems and then help form the solutions.


“Data is the new oil”

“Everyone on the team is an expert at what they do”

“Are you good at what you do but are you fun to be around and likeable?”

“The goal is to have it happen organically and naturally, where the client is coming up with the ideas”

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