Building Your Audience Before You Need It – Speaking with Jimmy Mackin of Curaytor; an All in One Marketing Solution

Jimmy Mackin is the CEO of Curaytor, a marketing solution which specialises in real estate. Curaytor bootstrapped its way from 0 to 11 million in  just 7 years, aided by their unique go to market strategy is ‘leading with your why’.

In this episode, Jimmy talks all about leading with your why, by always putting your customers’ needs first and by building an organisation that your employees love, that you love as a founder and that customers love too. He also delves into what he and his team at Curaytor do differently in the market and the common mistakes CEOs make.

Curaytor have also been a company that has engrained themselves with their audience. Their philosophy is to build their audience before they need it.
It’s all about focusing on content marketing to help acquire customers, this comes in many forms including podcasting, social media and blogs.
Curaytor is a marketing solution which provides the people, the plan, and the platform to get their marketing right.
Often when you are starting off a company, you think of capital as a solution to all your problems, but this simply isn’t the case and can distract you from what you should be focusing on.
A lot of people in the SAS industry purely focus on the growth metrics, of course these matter, but when they become the focal point you can easily lose track on the customer. It can remove the connection with customers and lead to the wrong decisions being made.
Jimmy and his team at Curaytor simply ‘road the waves’ early on in the market, as they were happening. They didn’t overthink their strategy at the start they just mirrored what other successful companies were doing and one of the big waves at the time were FB ads, so that’s what they focused on.
Once a company gains a good amount of revenue, they can gain a fear of losing it. This means they can become very risk adverse which in time causes them to become irrelevant.


 “Leading with the ideas our beliefs and world views to attract them to who we are before we sell to them”

“How do we help our customers get more customers?”

“You should only raise capital when you absolutely need it”

“Market performance always trumps individual business strategy”

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