Breaking the Marketing Triangle: with artificial intelligence and machine learning award-winner Jeff Coyle of Market Muse

In this episode, Ryan has a great conversation with the current Strategy Officer at Market Muse, Jeff Coyle. Jeff is a data driven search engine market executive with over 20 years of experience in lead generation, inbound consultation and is also a top 50 award winner for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Listen in to this episode to hear Jeff discuss Market Muse’s marketing strategies including what using a hybrid model can mean for you and your business.


Strong inbound marketers create a large flow of customers. Jeff and his company use a hybrid of sales based and product basked marketing for growth and although this can be complicated, he finds it incredibly robust and effective.
Market Muse is a content intelligence platform that sets the standard for content quality. So, creating an appropriate experience for a person or team using Market Muse means that every content decision you make, is made with market muse data including ROI predictions and data.
A phase of development that makes you top tier as a search engine professional, is creating and executing an adjacent content strategy, E.g content operations, paid social, community management and conversion rate optimisation.
Building a content led seo allows you to demonstrate your expertise. It shows you understand your customers, the business and you can also build content and communities post-purchase too.
Strong referrals from existing customers are invaluable. As well as being a great lead generator they also build trust in the brand.
If you only focus on the end customer, like PLGs often do, then you will never learn how to sell to a buying team. You’ll never learn the skills to become a hybrid model. Understanding how to make that jump from the end user to learning to work with buying teams is essential.


“It’s effectively giving me insights and then action in the form of operations for content with the goal of being able to predict ROI and execute more efficiently” 

“How people get there, what they do when they get there, all really matters for search”

“I love champion referrals, they are a great source of revenue for every business, somebody who loves your product”

“If you don’t know how to sell to a buying team, how to make your proposition sexy, you’ll never get to the content marketing lead, the editor, GM or CO and that’s where PLG companies get it wrong”


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