Binging on Customer Reaction to Build Staggering Growth in The Channel Tech Space with Daniel Graff-Radford of Allbound: a Partner Relationship Platform

Ryan is joined in this episode by Daniel Graff-Radford, the CEO of Allbound, the world’s best partner relationship platform. Prior to this, Daniel was the lead product and strategy at the company OnSolve where he helped take it from zero to 110 million!

75% of the worlds goods and services happens though partnerships, which is why Daniel was so excited to be approached to join the start-up Allbound back in 2018. Listen in as he talks to Ryan about what it is they do at Allbound, the developing sector of channel technology and how Dan’s unique methodical approach to all areas has aided him in business.


Allbound helps companies who have a channel programme get their partners on board. It’s a bit like a ‘deal-desk’ but for all channel partners rather than your direct reps.

If you want to sell your product in Europe, ideally you need to ensure you have a set-up in that market to find lasting and sustainable success.

Taking revenue from zero to 110 million, involved a lot of strategy. Daniel focused on new opportunities for products as well as existing teams they already had. He also spent time carefully forecasting what the meaningful software would be for future clients’ needs.

When looking at new features to add to a company, portfolio or product, it’s important to look at whether it is more viable to acquire it from elsewhere or build it yourself. This can be done by focusing on the potential future and means of the company, what options are already out there and what resources would be required for each option.

As his first CEO position at a start-up, the very first thing Daniel looked at with Allbound was the product; what was making customers happy and what were their pain-points.

Dan and his team put a plan together to create a sustainable and exciting product for the future and pitched this to investors. This led to investment and a continued 30% growth year on year.

One on ones with team members and employees ensures you get to hear the voice of everyone in the company. The same is the case when speaking with customers too. Matt always tries to do as many one-to-ones as he can to maximise it’s impact.

The why is more important that the number. Finding out why a customers likes or dislikes a product is essential to knowing what product to create next.

Discovery calls with customers is a great training tool. Dan and his team like to listen to calls and discuss them with team members, new and old, as a learning and training tool.

Dan’s biggest growth challenge at Allbound is finding the right talent. This is a new area of the industry, very often it’s about finding the right attitude and spending the resources to train.

Give yourself permission to fail, this way you will learn things faster. Failure is required to build success.


 “But it’s the best decision I ever made and this is the most fun I have ever had at any company”

“If you take over a company, you’re taking over stuff that’s going great and you’re taking over stuff that’s not so great”

 “How people binge Netflix, but I binged customer interaction”

“Getting your unfair share of that growth means you’re making a bigger difference to other people on the market”

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